Task Description

In this task :
Create a model that will detect a car in a live stream or video and recognize characters on number plate of the car .
Secondly , it will use the characters and fetch the owners information using RTO API’s .
Create a Web portal where all this information will be displayed (using html,css,and js)

Kubernetes Integration with Python-CGI

Task Description 📄

📌 In continuation of task 7.1 you need to Integrate Kubernetes commands that can be run through webUI created by you.

👉 This time create webUI page as such that using normal English conversation your all commands can run in background.

Feature necessary -

👉 It can launch pods with specific name given by user.

👉 Run deployment using image and name given by user.

👉 Expose services on given user input port number.

👉 Scale the replica according to user need.

👉 Delete complete environment created.

👉 Delete specific resources given by user.

Team Mates: Sayan Paul , Darrsheni Sapovadia, Udit Sharma,Vikrant KANWAR

Github link : https://github.com/mohankrishna01/sp_task8.git

Task Description 📄

❄️ Create a program that perform below mentioned task upon recognizing a particular face.

When it recognize your face then →
It send mail to your mail id by writing this is face of your_name.
Second it send whatsapp message to your friend, it can be anything.

When it recognize second face, it can be your friend or family members face.
Create EC2 instance in the AWS using CLI.
Create 5GB EBS volume and attach it to the instance.

Github Link : https://github.com/mohankrishna01/sp_task-6.git

He was best teacher i ever learned. he not consider about money.he want our indian students should be ready for future.

Mohan Krishna R

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